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The Hoax of the Spending Freeze January 27, 2010

Posted by seeineye in : Politics , trackback

A spending freeze actually locks in a high level of spending that was ratcheted up last year, Krauthammer hits the nail on the head here…

Barack Obama is actually pulling a David Copperfield with this spending freeze

Krauthammer: “What he doesn’t tell you is that last year, their first year in office when they had a free ride in spending, they ratcheted up the spending for all of these departments astronomically an average of the last half of fiscal ’09 and all of fiscal ’10 an average about 20%, now that’s huge ’cause normally year over year you increase a department’s spending 3% or 4% especially with low inflation.

So for example, last year alone, they increased the EPA budget by 35%, so if you’re instituting a freeze, what you’re doing, you’re ratcheting in, you’re locking in the higher spending that Obama slid in last year…So what the freeze is doing essentially is the opposite of what it looks like, instead of reducing the spending, it’s locking in these huge increases that were instituted last year”


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